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I’m playing the opera The Gift of the Magi, by David Conte, in Carmel Valley at Hidden Valley Music. It’s a delightful opera, and I’m having great fun. I love doing newer works, and this one is, for me, a very special work — lots of lovely orchestration and beautiful lines. Add to that the I love the story and I’m a happy girl.

I’m probably one of the oldest people in the “pit”, and definitely older than the singers as well. I still remember the days when I was one of the youngest musicians on stage or in the pit … it doesn’t even feel that long ago, wouldn’t you know? I’m impressed with the musicianship of these young players. Was I anywhere close to that good when I was their age? Hmm. I haven’t a clue! I wonder — and of course worry since I’m so neurotic this way — if they think I’m a hack. I guess my insecurities will never go away. Funny how that goes.

Today is a day off, so Dan, who is coming here for a visit, and I will be doing some fun things around here. I’m sure we’ll drive around, but truth be told I could park the car here on arrival and not drive at all until the end of the run.

I haven’t worked much on photos, so these are only a few samples of the location. I probably won’t work on anything until I get home, but time will tell.

My room is in this building … it’s a modest room, but who needs luxury?

And here’s what I see from my room:

This is the performance building:

It’s being said this will be an annual event. I think that’s a wonderful thing … a newer opera that fits the season is quite welcome! I’d love to see it done in my neck ‘o the woods, too.

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