I received a Nook Simple Touch (thanks Dan!) for Christmas. I already had an iPad (yes, I have far too many gadgets), but I was finding that reading books on the iPad was making my eyes go bonkers. Of course the first thing I did after setting up my Nook was look for some free books. Even spending a wee bit bugged me. I wanted free, thank you very much!

Then I thought about it.

Hmm. I have a writing friend who thinks all recorded music should be free. He thinks burning CDs for friends should be allowed. While conversing once I suggested that I should just copy books and send them to friends so they didn’t have to buy them. He replied, “That’s different.”

I think I’ll buy some books. Because I’m not sure it’s any different.

BUT, that being said (or written, really), I also found out I can borrow books from our local public library for free. Just as we can borrow CDs from them. The books get “returned” in a certain number of days. I’m not sure how that works. Do they just disappear off the Nook? Guess I’ll find out since I just borrowed one. At the library’s site we are informed that we are not to copy CDs. I’m going to guess my writing friend would go ahead and copy them no matter if he decided he liked what he heard. Burning a CD is much easier than copying a book. So far. (I’m guessing someone will figure out a way to copy a downloaded book before it gets “returned” to the cyber-library in the sky.)

The world is changing. The internet, our computers, digital readers — it’s changed so much — the way we see things, what we value enough to purchase, even the size (not literally, mind you!) of the world. I know things are going to change regarding recorded music and videos. As many already know, I want to be able to view and hear groups I’m in on YouTube and rarely can that happen. I’d love to get a copy (even a snippet) of works I’ve played so I can share a few minutes of that on my blog. Right now, for the most part, I’m unable to do that. Maybe in the next few years that will be different. I hope so.

… can you tell I’m just tossing all of this out without really editing … I really AM just pondering and trying to figure out what’s what …

And then there’s SOPA.

Most (all?) of my friends and acquaintances who are online are opposed to SOPA. The union I belong to favors it (but many of its members do not). My family is definitely anti-SOPA. I’m still trying to figure the whole darn thing out, but I suspect I am with my family as wella as that majority (all?) of friends and acquaintances on this one. (I hope this doesn’t mean I get a spanking from my union or any colleagues in favor of SOPA, though!)

Oh and finally — since I’m in pattyramble™ mode — there’s that little issue with copying sheet music. Hmmm. Guess we won’t get into that for now. That’s a big can ‘o worms, I’m sure!


  1. What a nice twist of what I thought would be a nice and straight through Nook review. It turned out to touch very important issues like how we consume digital content.

    Thanks Patty.

    Also, I use a kindle and wouldn’t change the comfort of reading on that screen to a hundred iPads! (Hmm, on second thought, a hundred? :DD)

    Another also, in my opinion SOPA has the right intentions but absolutely useless and destructive methodology. SOPA will try to change the nature and the secure ways of workings of the DNS system. While that may block some of the illegal sites, it will not stop people doing what they do in any way unfortunately. On top of that, It has the potential of compromising the integrity of DNS system by forcing external entities to create separate DNSes which can be full of phishing IP redirects.

    (sorry if I was too technical, but this is kind of what I gathered from listening to too many podcasts on this subject).

    And don’t even get me started on sheet music… 🙂

  2. I love love love the Overdrive Media Console app for getting library books digitally through our public library. Definitely get that through your iPad–is it the same thing through Nook? Did I mention I love it?

  3. Yep, I’m using Overdrive for my Nook. I have books on my iPad, but reading with that hurts my eyes.