04. January 2012 · Comments Off on Day(s!) Of Gratitude · Categories: Ramble

Some readers know I have another blog called the pattyo. It’s mostly something that my family reads (if they even manage to get to it!). These days it is primarily my “day of gratitude” blog. Each day I post a photo of something that makes me grateful. Sometimes it’s a person or a place or a thing that I have a direct connection with … sometimes it’s just something beautiful I found and snapped a shot of.

Today a Facebook friend put up a video and it immediately went up on my other blog, but I think you all might enjoy it as well. It speaks about gratitude so much better than I ever could!

May I be grateful for every day I am given. No, I take that back! May I be grateful for every minute of every day.

“Open your eyes. Look at that.”

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