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Yikes … some singer (a tenor I’ve never heard of but according to his site is quite famous) has been tweeting some rather horrible things. To protect those he is dissing I’ll remove names (including his). Why would someone do this, though? It’s a billboard to the world.

First tweet:
I love [famous opera company] and [famous opera company] but can categorically confirm that they do mic some artists using acoustic enhancing boundary mics.

Second tweet:
[famous opera company] has a full time sound dept comprising of 4 sound technicians.
3 Jan

Third tweet:
I was in turco in Italia with [famous soprano as above] and she was amplified.
3 Jan

Fourth tweet:
Artists I know have been mic’d are [same famous soprano as above] and the dreadful [famous tenor].
3 Jan

Fifth tweet:
I think [popera star’s name] is a bit if a [word I can’t put on my blog], but his allegations of opera houses using mics are true.
3 Jan

Now, I’m not at all surprised by mics. I’ve heard it before from people in the know. I’m not bugged by it, either. (You can start throwing darts at me now, if you’d like.) But for a tenor who is in the business to say all of this on Twitter is rather astounding to me. Maybe I’m clueless, but I would think this could cause a loss of work, and I sure wonder why someone in the biz would publicly bash big name singers and opera companies.

Then again, another twitterer said “On the other hand, one doesn’t have to love all the singers or musicians and one should have the possibility to say that. IMHO” … so perhaps she thought his harshness was just fine.


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