06. January 2012 · 5 comments · Categories: TV

“What is 3/3?” in response to this: “It’s the time signature of the Chopin piece heard here; listen to the left hand.” (It was clearly a waltz.)

Update: … thanks, Janet, for the clip. You all can see an hear it now! click here



  1. Uh oh … funny! Did any contestant catch it?

  2. The next contestant answered “What is 3/4.” Whew! (According to her bio she’s an opera singer … she’d better get it right, eh?!)

  3. Yes, she sure better! 🙂

    Soooo, get this … my EyeTV was supposed to be recording a movie during Jeopardy. I just checked its progress and, lo and behold, it recorded Jeopardy instead! Here is that clip:

  4. patti with an i

    I always mess up the counting on those darn 1/3 notes… or as they’re known in British, the semicrotchequaveminibreves…

  5. Life is full of challenges, and when they are especially rough I refer to them as 3/3 challenges.