Finally, Gilbert dropped his hands and stopped the orchestra, turned to the offender, and looked at him. To everyone’s disbelief, the sound just kept on going, and going. Someone shouted, “Thousand dollar fine.”

Gilbert said something like, “Are you finished?” The guy didn’t move a muscle. Gilbert: “Fine. We’ll wait.” And he turned to the podium and lay down his baton.


Not what Gilbert did, mind you. But the phone going on and on.

I keep hoping something will be invented that will deactivate phones in concert halls. I guess that would probably be illegal or something, but I can dream, right?

You really must read the whole thing.


  1. Yep, saw that one … loved it! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful response! I couldn’t stop laughing. If the respondents on the blog have their way, they’ll be hawking hot dogs in the isles at Avery Fischer next…

  3. Heh … gee, I think I’m craving a hot dog now, Bob. Thanks a bunch.