20. January 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: FBQD

I get to play my oboe today!


  1. Hello Patty
    Thanks for putting up the link for our 1920’s Medley Oboe Trio.
    I noted the coment about not being able to see us perform by one of your visitors. Unfortunately when these recordings were done it was before the digital revolution and such things were a bit more expensive to consider doing..
    However having reformed in 2007 we are now finally about to embark on recording ALL the Viennese/Bohemian original Oboe Trios with our new 2nd Oboe Owen Dennis along with the arrangements by James Horan and some contemporary pieces.

    We record the 3 Wenth works on February 22nd and this recording session will be filmed. It is probably going to take us 8-10 recording sessions to get it done so it will be a 3-5 year project! It would be great to have a link =%$ to your website when we get going.

    I am very impressed with how you have got your website together. I love the style –

    Best Judy

  2. Thanks for commenting, Judy, and please do keep me informed … if you get videos up you know I’d love to post ’em here, and if you have announcements to be made I’m usually happy to post those as well. Happy musicking to you!