Probably a dog.

Oh. Wait. I heard a dog at a concert once.

The youngster had been wailing for quite some time when Gittleman stopped the music, turned to the audience, and asked that the child be removed. Some audience members applauded.


I’m sorry that the parents were probably embarrassed. I’m sorry classical music may once again get the rep for being uptight. But really, if a child is crying, he or she should be taken out of the hall. And really, why would someone bring an infant to a concert in the first place?

I remember doing Camelot many many years ago with Richard Harris. Near the start of the musical a baby was crying. Harris, playing King Arthur, had just met Guenevere for the first time. He asked her, staying in character the whole time, “Did you bring a baby with you? I’m hearing a baby cry somewhere nearby.” She replied that she had not. He continued, concerned about the poor crying baby.

That baby must have been taken out right then, as we heard no more crying in that show.


  1. As a single mother whose son went everywhere I went out of necessity, I can see chancing it – BUT, I canNOT see anything other than sitting near an exit and high-tailing it out immediately if the child’s discomfort needed my attention and/or caused even the slightest disruption to others.

    I guess I’m just uptight, eh?

  2. Or you have common sense! I don’t understand those who continue to sit there. Maybe they have just grown so used to the noise? I wonder.