… but I sure don’t hear one!

I’m re-writing this since I came off so darn snarky:

This is quite clever. It’s also fun. I’m just picky about what I call things. I would call these smartphone instruments rather than implying that they sound like the actual instruments. But I’m goofy that way. I also don’t call tofurkey turkey. But really, I have no issue with people making music on whatever they want to make music on. I’ve seen people make music with kitchen utensils and vegetables too. 🙂


  1. Blasphemy! :DD

    If they are really “professional musicians trying out how to make music using new technologies”, they should really give the Eigenharp a look!!


  2. I must add: Although one can argue the eigenharp is strictly out of boundaries of the classical music arena, it cannot be denied that it could possibly be utilized for that purpose – a la iDevices example above.

  3. Oh I think anything can be used to play classical works … just don’t tell me the instrument is something it’s not! 🙂

  4. I don’t think anyone thought that phone the guy was holding was actually an oboe :p

  5. Hmm. I don’t know! I’ve had people look at me quite curiously when I said I played oboe. Maybe next time I’ll hold up my phone and see if they accept that as an oboe! 😉

  6. There is definitely an oboe, but it’s very quiet. It’s played by the guy with the long black hairs with his Ipod. You can hear it in the beginning, it’s playing colla parte with the Violin I (first note: f’). We just used the sound of an oboe to “fill” the thin sample sounds of the Thumbjam- Strings. SORRY!!! I guess, oboists don’t like to hear that in this video the oboe only fills the Violin I… but it’s only a sample of an oboe i made and you cannot compare it to the great sound of the real oboe! Do you know the soundtrack of “Sacco et Vanzetti”? THIS is an example of oboe music whitch move me to tears… thanks for the tipp “Eigenharp”! Indeed i find this very interesting. But playing classical organ is interesting, too, and this instrument is over 800 years old 😉 Sorry for my bad english, i’m german and was lazy in the english lessons in school…best regards

  7. Oh believe me, I heard the oboe sample! I was just teasing … saying it wasn’t the real thing. It’s like calling carob chocolate! 😉

    It was a fun listen and very clever.

  8. How nice to see the videomakers’ own response in here 🙂

  9. Yep! I’m always happy to hear from the people in the videos, but it happens rather infrequently.