I’m delighted to see and hear the rain. Now I’m going to brave a walk in it (it’s not exactly pouring, after all).

I’ll leave you with this:

Händel-Water Music-Suite Nº1 in Fa Majeur HWV 348-Concerto Köln – Nantes 2006


  1. Thanks, Patty. I listened to it as it rained outside my window. I particularly like the period wind instruments. I really want to learn Baroque oboe. But I need to find time to practice…

  2. I have really been wanting to learn how to play the Baroque oboe as well. I know UCSC has one or two instruments and I should really give ’em a go. I haven’t a clue if they are any good, but it’s worth a try!

  3. I’ve got Baroque oboe shaper tips you are welcome to borrow…

  4. Hah! IF I ever get to learning the instrument I do not plan on making my own reeds. Heck, if I could find a reed supplier for the contemporary oboe I’d not make any reeds at all.

    Meanwhile … back to the reed desk. Sigh. Grumble. Moan.