07. February 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

Maybe it’s the multiple chins when I play or the vein in my forehead that made the editor decide the oboe wasn’t “camera ready.”


  1. sometimes when I see videos of people playing oboe I wonder if they’re really playing at all… I get horrible oboe-face when I play! Lips pressed together creating lines everywhere, screwed-up eyes… when it’s a hard piece and I don’t breath enough the red face comes on top of it.

  2. It’s interesting to see how differently we react to that back pressure. I don’t turn all that red in the face (at least I don’t think I do!), but I have a friend who gets quite red. I think there are photos somewhere of me playing … I’ll have to see if I can find them so you can see what I look like. (I occasionally have students take photos or videos of me so they can see the difference between what they do and what I do.)