20. February 2012 · Comments Off on Traviata · Categories: Opera, Ramble

Yesterday was the first time I’d had issues with a solo in Traviata. There was just silence for a note … or was it two? Nothing there. I hate when that happens. I think, though, that it wasn’t as noticeable as I feared, as a good friend said he didn’t notice. (Thanks Mike! That really made me feel better!) Of course conductor, singers and orchestra noticed, and I am most embarrassed when I do an “oops” in front of colleagues, but such is life. (And the hardest thing is that after the performance no one wants to look me in the eye or speak to me!) But I am turning over a new leaf … or at least I’m attempting to do so. I’m letting this go. I had a bad moment. It is over. I will move on. I tell my students to do this all the time. You’d think I’d know how to do it myself by now!

Here’s the ad for the opera:

We have three more shows, and then I move on to Mahler. I really really really really (get the idea?!) need some reeds!

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