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I need a full report on the history of the english horn?

Could i get a full report on the history of the english horn, i need it for music class, 7th grade…. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!

Read here.

As you might guess, I absolutely love browsing the web. I love that there is so much information available. I love the things I discover, the new (sometimes very old) music I learn about and hear, and the people I meet. But it also makes me a bit sad. This student above wants someone else to do the research. Earlier I read a page where a college freshman is asking for money because, “You all know how expensive being a musician is and I need to repair my oboe and I want to buy a new oboe and maybe even an English horn.”

Um … sometimes we actually do have to work for what we want. (Man, I’m sounding like a grumpy old lady!)

That being said, please send $10 to my post office box, okay? Because I need more chocolate. If every reader sent me just $10 I might have a year’s supply and be able to afford some cane, too.

Kidding … kidding ….

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  1. I recently got an email from a colleague about a woman who would like to exchange manual labor for voice lessons. I couldn’t understand why in the world she would not offer to exchange manual labor for money, and then that money for voice lessons from a third party. Seems like there would be many more people in need of manual labor who are able to offer monetary compensation than music lessons, and many more voice teachers who would like to be paid in cash than in manual labor.

    Guess she was just trying to cut out the middleman?