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… but by whom? I didn’t see the source for the “It is thought” sentence. Hmm. Flute in particular? I wonder about this writer’s sources for that and other reasons. I’m not saying he or she is wrong, but I’m skeptical.

hink of your favorite song. Most likely, it is your favorite because it makes you feel alive, happy, relaxed, or it reminds you of a special event in your life. Although it differs for every individual based both on genre and the environment, music affects you mentally, physically and emotionally. According to research found on buzzle.com and emedexpert.com, here are a few ways how it does that.
Helps fight sadness or depression
Serotonin is a chemical widely distributed throughout the body that constricts blood vessels at injury sites and that also may have an effect on the body’s emotional state. The less serotonin the body has, the less happy the person will feel. Soothing music, such as slow classical numbers or warm piano tones, helps release serotonin in the brain, therefore warding off signs of depression.
Improves memory and concentration
Research proves that when two musical notes are separated by a short silence, the brain cells in charge of developing a quick and clear memory are triggered. It is thought that flute music in particular is recommended as a memory and concentration-sharpening tool. Download a few classical tunes to turn on while you’re studying. This genre of music will help your brain retain and recall the information you are trying to store.

I read it here, in a college newspaper.

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