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Who knew? Now I know something else I might be able to pursue, should work grow even scarcer. Whew!

“I just like how [elk calling] sounds and how it is different from other animals,” said Kenny.

There are several elk calls and different instruments are used to produce the sounds.

“I use a squeeze box to make a calf call, a mouth pod to do a cow, and a reed to do the bull,” said Kenny. “The bull is the hardest because you can mess up on it more.”

What makes Kenny a national competitor after only three years? His father thinks his son’s musical ability may be the key to his success.

“He plays the trumpet, and he also took on the oboe,” he said. “That was where he was able to start to manipulate the calf call because the oboe is a double reed instrument.”

I read it here.

The reed can call a bull.

Somehow that seems rather appropriate.

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