I have to memorize anything for this weekend’s Mahler 4 concert that has lovely command “Schalltrichter auf!” because I can’t see my music when I raise the oboe that high. But hey … how dare I whine, eh?

Ligeti Sechs Bagatellen played by Carion:

Movements 1 & 2:

Movements 3 & 4:

Movements 5 & 6:

I’ve played this (or at least I’ve attempted it. Who knows how we sounded … it’s been eons and I can’t remember! But Carion woodwind quintet does things by memory. And they move around.

Yeah, I’m impressed by their ability!

Or was that depressed about my inabilities?


Pondering ….


  1. I had to memorize all that for Mahler 1, not too much but bifocals don’t work that way! I think there was one passage I copied a complicated line and taped it at the top of my folder, since my brain doesn’t memorize so great either – just falling apart here! Don’t know how the quintet does it; I’ve played the Ligeti (love it) but no way could I have played it from memory!

  2. I saw some local oboists in a bigger-than-mine symphony orchestra play Mahler. They didn’t really lift their oboes very high. I could understand why!

  3. They are really great!
    As a child I was used to play everything from memory, because string players simply did – there was no discussion about it. But later on, as an orchestral member or chambermusic player I did not have to do it. So I lost the ability do memorize music. That was very hart to realize as I played several solo concertos accompagnied by my orchestra. I had to use the music – really not funny 😉

  4. From what I’ve been told, memorization wasn’t done like it is now prior to … I think maybe Liszt (?). I really don’t mind soloists using music. I care more about how musical things are! 🙂 (Nice to “meet” you, Hehsu … fill me in … you still play a string instrument, or are you an oboist?)

  5. Nice to meet you here,too, Patty!

    Sorry, I am a violinist 😉
    I am following you on twitter and we also have circled on g+
    And I love your photos and your comments on your blogs!

  6. Ah, got it! Thanks for your kind words, AND for following and circling and commenting! 🙂

  7. Now I have to try to learn something by heart, because I shall subsitute a collgue in a concert; have to play “Romanza Andaluza” by Sarasate, accompagnied by harp and double-bass instead of piano. Let´s see, if I will be successful! 😉

  8. Hope it goes great, Hehsu!