At least according to this, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ca. 1840. So cool looking, don’t you think?

Used with permission according to this page from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


  1. Apparently English Horns in G were not a rare thing back in the day. It is said that the Donizetti Concertino was written for an English Horn in G instead of F. I think that piece would be easier if one played it on a English horn in G!

    Also, I think we should petition instrument makers and have them start making curved English Horns again!

  2. Yes, I want them curved, Bryan! (Someone suggested that if it’s in G it’s an oboe da caccia, btw.)

  3. Since you posted about this English Horn you might be interested in these youtube videos about a curved EH from 1825.

  4. This looks like a Disney character.

  5. Thanks, Bryan! I’ll be watching those later today, to be sure!

    And yes, Janet, it really does, now that you mention it!