Well, according to the seller it’s a “sound bridge”. You can read about it here, and listen to the two clips below. Thoughts? Do you hear a difference? Is it worth $65 to $300?




  1. I don’t hear any difference… Also I kind of don’t want any attachment-things on my oboe and want it to be natural… but maybe that’s a weird thing to think.

  2. I couldn’t hear a difference either! I thought maybe it was just my ears, so that’s why I put it up. I can’t imagine adding this to my instrument.

  3. I heard a more open quality to the second, ‘with’ take. Listen carefully to the end of it, the cadenza and the coda. The ‘without’ take is sharper in pitch and choked sounding compared to the second take.

    Don’t know if this is deliberate or the high content of placibin (the active ingredient in placebos) in the gadget, but I’m sure I heard a difference.

    Try starting both and stopping first one then the other phrase by phrase to compare…

  4. I did that, Bob … still didn’t hear the diff. Maybe it’s my computer. Maybe it’s my bad ears. Sigh.