I’d never heard a countertenor sing this before.

Alex Balashov, oboe; Rustam Yavaev, countertenor; Julia Draginda, organ


  1. Can you spell tired? I’ve felt the same way with this piece…

    Do you remember Lorrie Hunt who played viola with us in San Jose Symphony before she went off to Boston and became a world class mezzo-soprano?

    She recorded this in what I think is my all-time favorite performance of it. Not only did she sing all the notes beautifully, she sang the text in a believable, conversational manner. I think Bach was proud of her delivery of his sermon – the only way I can think of that performance…

  2. Oh you bet I remember Lorrie! I’ve seen and heard her work on YouTube, and I remember when she came back to sing with San Jose Symphony. Such a fine musician and what a loss it was when she died.