… so I’m guessing they’ll be hitting others as well:


I’m Chris Cottman, During my search for a lesson teacher that would
help in taking my daughter (Sarah). During is stay in the Country. I
found your advert and it is very okay to me since you specialize in
the area I’m seeking for her. My daughter would be coming to your area
for holiday, and i will want her to get something doing when she
arrives in the area. I’ll like to know if you can help in taking her
for the lesson? just to keep her busy. Sarah is 18 years old, she is a
beginner, she has not experienced much but she is a very fast learner
and will not portray any difficulties while you coaching/teaching
her.Like i sad, i have someone that will always picks her up and drops
her off for her lessons. So kindly let me know your charges cost per
hour/lesson in order for me to arrange for her payment before she
travels down to your side.

She will be staying there for 6 weeks.

Please Reply back on:

(1). Your Services and hourly rates (2 times a week for 6
weeks):starting from April 20, 2012

(2) Total Cost For 12 cl-ass/12 hours lessons in 6 weeks

(3). The Day and time you will be available to teach her During the week:

(4). Tuition address:
(5) Your Background Info and Experience?

Well am very happy that i see you as my daughter’s tutor,about
your years of Experience. Awaiting your response asap.

Best Wishes.

This is a scam. This is only a scam. If this had been an actual person you would have been encouraged to reply.


  1. It would be interesting to copy this letter into Babelfish or some other translation program, to see if it can be determined what nationality this letter originated. Obviously the English was translated from some other language.

    Probably Eastern European or somewhere in Africa…

    I love the phrase: “it is very okay…”

  2. Does Babelfish work that direction, Cameron? If so, that would be quite interesting. It is very okay if you figure it out for me. 😉

  3. ( we have another Winner… they must think people are STUPID.. and they are probably right! )


    I’m Mrs Debbie Mann from Paris,France.during my search for a Oboe lesson teacher that would always take my son ( Chris ) and I found you..Your advert looks great and it is very okay to me since you specialize in the area i am seeking for him… My Son would be coming to US (your city) by next week for a period of time and with his friend for 2 Months.he is just a beginner and he is 16 years old, i want you to help me teach lesson during his stay. So, kindly let me know your charges cost per week’s ,in order for me to arrange for his payment before he travels down to your side. I have also made preparation for his personal equipment he will be using privately at home after the lesson during his stay.

    Please Advise back on;

    (1). your charges per 1 hour twice a week for 2 Months?

    (2).The Day and time you will be available to teach him During the week?

    (3).Tuition address?

    I will be looking forward to read from you soonest.

    Best Regards,

    Mrs Debbie Mann

  4. Believe it or not, I JUST posted this one on my blog when I saw I had a comment to approve and it was this. Amazing! The thing is, some are going to fall for this because oboe is specified … it starts to sound more believable to some who are dying for students.

  5. I received the same letter for piano lessons ! I almost fell for it ! Thanks God I didn’t sent my info ! I first asked more details about the “daughter” Vicky ! Never have any answers ! Wow!
    Then I google her name ROSE MAGRETH and VOILA all the spams ! Can’t believe that !
    Thank u for posting and warning us !

  6. That’s exactly why I DO post these, Ilana! I’m so glad you didn’t fall for it. These emails keep coming to my mailbox, and some are getting even smarter, making it sound more real. SO annoying!