30. March 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’ve just finished my after-concert bowl of cereal. (Yes, I know I’m at an age where eating this late isn’t the best of ideas, but I was so hungry!)

Now for the “PattyTattle™” time! No, I don’t tattle on anyone else — thats ugly and foolish and definitely unkind. But I sure don’t mind tattling on me. Maybe my students will learn something from it, after all!

I tell my students, “Never rest your oboe on your lap leaving a reed in it. If you leave your reed in, keep the oboe upright. You never know who might bump into it.” So guess what I did tonight while getting ready for the Bach?

Yeah. You probably guessed it. And it wasn’t just anyone who bumped my reed. It was ME! My elbow banged into the “BachReed” and while it still played it most certainly wasn’t the same. I had two other reeds at the ready, and made sure they were wet and playable even while I used the BachReed for the first two movements because I trusted it more for the end of the second movement, even in its less than stellar state. During the third movement I knew I had to move on, so I was getting another one set to play. Thinking the red reed would be my next choice, I wanted to move the blue reed (yeah, different thread colors helps identify reeds) out of the way. Instead I managed to throw it on the floor. Under my stand. In front of an entire audience.

For the Bach we three oboes are in the front row.

I don’t know how many people saw what happened, but I just left the darn reed there and groaned inwardly. (I hope I didn’t groan aloud!)

But ah well … the reeds managed to get me through and I think that was the last stupid thing I did. (If I did anything more that was stupid I hope no one tells me. I think two stupid things on one concert night is enough, don’t you?)

The audience seemed to enjoy and the Bach and, considering their response, love the Beethoven. Both works are just so incredible. I’m thankful I was able to do them!

It sounds as if Saturday and Sunday’s concerts are sold out. How ’bout that? I suspect Maestro George Cleve is a draw, and that the program appeals to many. I think this is our first sold out set. Nice!


  1. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too noticeable! It just looked like it fell off the stand.

    You oboes were awesome during Bach!

    And yes, Beethoven was just phenomenal.

  2. Well, thanks, Krishan! As you saw (and heard) I didn’t have as much as the other two, but it was a blast to play and I do love the one fast section toward the end. So much fun to do that part!

    I moved to third on the Bach even thought I’m second so that the second player we brought in (and isn’t he fantastic?!) would play second for the whole concert. I was assisting the principal in the Beethoven. (That position has what we call “step up” pay so obviously I opted for that!)

  3. I never realized how complacent I got sitting in the back of the orchestra until I had to sit in the first row. OMG! There are people out there and they can see everything I do. It was unnerving to say the least.
    As for after-concert fare, I was starving. I must have burned a lot of calories. I had trouble finding something open late but ended up at Chilis. Not my first choice but your standards go down when everywhere else is closed.

  4. Hmm. I think Chilis would have kept me up all night, Beth! Hope you slept well.

    I DO love my “safe seat” in the middle of the orchestra. Being up front is less than comfortable!