01. April 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Quotes

Q: You’ve been known to go back and redo some of your work. If you go back to rewrite anything now, what might you do next?

A: It’s not a “might” but a certainty. I need to put oboe in L’Histoire du Soldat. The omission of oboe is a serious flaw in the work. You might be interested to know, too, that I would still like to complete my concerto for English horn.

(This is a snippet of an interview I heard with Igor Stravinsky.)


  1. This isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke, is it??

    I agree with Stravinsky that the lack of oboe in L’histoire du Soldat is the work’s major flaw!!

  2. Well yes, in fact, it IS an April Fool’s joke, Andy … and no one else even commented. Which shows you how much of a readership I have these days. It just might be time to retire this blog. I wonder ….

  3. Well, I just didn’t realize it was a joke. I also believed the April Fool’s story on NPR a few years ago about whale farming for whale meat. I probably shouldn’t be admitting these things. In any case, I still love this blog and read it regularly. I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads all the time but seldom comments.

  4. Yeah, I guess I needed it to be a little more obvious! Ah well … it’s tricky to make them almost believable but not quite so people get the joke at some point in the post.

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for you kind words! I do love blogging (although this past month I’ve been rather negligent; I hope to do a better job beginning the week after next).