Dear Young Musician,
I understand how difficult it is when you’re coming out of school and trying to find a job. I know what it means to stand in the grocery store and wonder if you can afford that extra packet of Ramen noodles. I realize it’s scary to not know when the next gig will come along, how the rent is going to get paid this month, or if you can scrape together the money to take auditions. I get all this because I’ve been there. Right after college I dove headfirst into the freelance scene and it was really tough. So tough that I may have been tempted by an audition like Louisville’s. It seems like a pretty decent deal, good pay, steady work, but trust me…it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I urge you, DO NOT TAKE THE AUDITION.

Please read the whole thing.


  1. Thank you for sharing this link. Karen expressed the situation perfectly.

    However, I should know better than to read the comments — especially from a certain troll who commented with a number of offensive posts. It always makes me mad, even though I should remember that it’s just a TROLL, after all.

  2. Yeah, I skipped the comments. Drew McManus had written about them and I know how upset I get when I read stuff like that. Do you think I should warn people? (Still, it’s probably good that some know just how others may think …?)