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What instrument should i play on? Oboe, Harmonica or violin?
I’ve practiced normal flute for 3 years, and then I practiced piano for 4 years.
Now on the forth year, I have new teacher and he’s so mean and he’s driving me crazy.
So I’m going to stop playing the piano, until we move back in the country we come from.
But I don’t want to forget the notes, and I think it would be great to know other instrument too.
I think we will move back after 3 years or more. I love all of these instruments, and I also really like french horn but my dad doesn’t really like it. I don’t now wich insturment I should play…
Of these. Help?

P.S i know I already asked but it went to other categorie. And I’m already 13 years old… Is this to late?

C’mon, mean teacher. Be nice.

(Then again, it could just be that the teacher has expectations, eh?)

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