07. May 2012 · Comments Off on Don’t Text and Drive … or Walk … · Categories: Read Online

A New Zealand Symphony Orchestra violinist has learnt a painful lesson about checking his phone while navigating steps.

However, the nasty tumble heralded a nice surprise this morning.

David Gilling – assistant sub-principal second violin in the orchestra – fell down a flight of steps at Civic Square, rupturing the tendons in both legs which connect the quadriceps to the knee caps.

At 11am today, a portion of the orchestra’s brass section turned up at his Kelburn house to lift his spirits with a surprise performance.


Confession: I was texting or checking a Giants score or something one day on my way from the hall to the car a few years back and yes, I nearly did a face plant. The sidewalk was uneven and of course I wasn’t looking and I tripped. Fortunately I caught myself before going all the way down but it was a close call. Since then I’ve rarely texted while walking. I really should stop doing it all together. Maybe publicly writing this will get me to be a better girl. I sure don’t need to break any bones!

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