I just received a most bizarre email. I’ll leave the sender’s name and address off, but do click on the link to one of my blog entries and see if you think her idea of my blog fitting her topic is ridiculous!

HI Patricia,

I’m getting in touch with you because I came across your blog http://oboeinsight.com/2012/04/01/mqod-581/ during my research on my project relating to ecology and how research in ecology from higher education institutions is tackling problems such as population issues, climate change, and food crises. Specifically, I’ve written on the variety of issues relating to research in PhD programs today.

My resource has been referred to by prominent organizations such as Columbia University and other prominent websites. I’d be very interested in writing a guest article on your blog relating to one of the many areas of pertinent research in ecology today such as conservation biology, wetland management, or urban ecology. What do you think?


  1. Interesting. I had a similar email, although the subject matter being offered wasn’t quite so far off base as for yours (it was more than moderately tangential for my focus though). Just dug it out, and it has a very similar structure to yours, though not identical wording.

    For yours, I’d guess that someone did a keyword search for blogs that included the word ‘reed’ and wrote to everyone that came up without checking if the subject match was actually appropriate.

  2. Maybe her wetlands research has something that would be useful in preventing water in the octave keys…

  3. David Cushman

    Some 18 months ago you mentioned on your blog my “oboe economics” presentation at Westminster College (making me famous), and I think that you unconsciously knew, and your email correspondent thus knew, that I played Phillip Bimstein’s “Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa.” Very ecological.

  4. Yes, checking appropriateness doesn’t seem to be a very high priority! No surprise, eh?

  5. Ah, now that’s an idea, Bob!

    PS Dan frequently says, “That’s an idea,” when I have a very bad idea. Just so you know. 😉

  6. Hmm. Now I can’t find that blog entry, David. I wonder where it went. (Anything over a week ago and my mind draws a blank, it seems!)

  7. Ah … now why couldn’t I find that when I searched, I wonder?!

    So you gonna make me some reeds? 😉

  8. David Cushman

    Yes, I will make you some reeds! Just $100 each!

  9. Well, if you can guarantee they will last a year I just might be willing …. 😉