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while Im talking about college, parent dont just encourage your child to follow what ever passion they have, I have a student who is getting a degree in the OBOE and she wants to play in a orchestra someday, but after graduation when she opens the newspaper to find a job, what section will she go to for the Oboe? and how many opening are there? second major please.


  1. or at least a course in English …

  2. I think it’s very funny that this person apparently believes that the newspaper is still the #1 source for job listings in ANY field.

  3. Yeah, the whole thing had me puzzled, laughing, annoyed …

    Oh … but I’m always puzzled laughing and annoyed. Or at least puzzling, laughed AT, and annoying! 😉

  4. Vladimir Gurevich

    Poor grammar and the newspaper-as-the-only-job-info-source aside, I think the question is still quite serious, isn’t it?

    Would you agree that people who major in computer science or nursing will make a decent/OK living with a near 100% probability regardless of whether they are in top 5% or in the bottom 5%? And they will not need a minor to make that decent living?

    So the question is: if someone wants to major in Music, how good he/she needs to be in order to forgo a second major or minor and still make a decent living with high probability? How should a parent know, when to tell his child to throttle down a little bit and pay more attention to the academic subjects outside of music, because at the end of the day that other stuff will be the way for that kid to earn his living?

  5. Yes, Vladimir, and I’ve written about this a few times. I am also very blunt with students who say they want to go into music as a career. I believe it’s my responsibility to be frank about that. The odds of making a living in music are low. I also always suggest students first go to a university rather than going directly to a conservatory. I think many conservatories simply aren’t honest with incoming students and imply that anyone who goes to their school will make it as a musician, all the while knowing that would be statistically impossible.

    I think I should write another blog entry on this soon. I’m in the middle of a family crisis, but maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to do so.