I always talk to my students about keeping fingers close to keys. We have a “home base” for each finger, as I tell them. Some of you might disagree: I have some friends whose fingers are far away from keys and they play quite well and have no glitches. But still, I suggest younger students always keep their fingers as close to the keys as possible and if they decide they want “flyaway fingers” when they are accomplished players then they can go for it with my blessing … until I hear any glitches, that is!

So listen but also watch this video of Lauren playing oboe and English horn … I like how close the fingers are to keys.

I know next to nothing about video games. Or maybe that’s not true: I really know nothing abut video games. But I guess this music is from some game called Portal.

Go read the article. Let me know what you think.

That is all.

For now.

I hate playing outdoors. Or at least I dislike it strongly. (“Hate” might be a bit too strong. Or maybe not.) There are a number of reasons to dislike it. But here’s one thing I’ve never had to deal with:

During the piccolo solo in “Stars and Stripes Forever” in an outdoor performance, a moth flew right into my mouth when I took a breath. I could feel it flapping around inside my mouth, but I didn’t dare stop because it was a broadcast concert. So I just bit down on it really hard – yuck, it was chalky!

I read it here.

I remember playing Midsummer Mozart outdoors when Richard Stoltzman was playing the clarinet concerto. He choked on a fly.

Fun times.

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Yep, going through Yahoo Answers at the moment …

Why does my dog hate the oboe?

I play the oboe, and I’ve realized that every time I play, my dog does this weird yelping thing that I’ve never heard before. Why is this?

[name removed]

One of two reasons, it reminds her of the howling that dogs will do and she instinctively wants to join in or it is hurting her ears.

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Read Online:

So I’ve played oboe for about 6 months now, and tone hasn’t really been a problem before. But yesterday I got new reeds and now I cant get a good tone out of any of them!!! It’s flustering me so badly… >.< Any tips or suggestions?? [name removed] Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Put your reeds in water and let them soak. New reeds for an oboe will always sound off. So soak and work on playing the reeds to break them in. Source(s): Been playing oboe for five years.

Of course it’s not usually quite that easy! But what I’d have written, had I taken the time, would have been “Get a teacher!”

But that’s usually my answer to all the oboe questions I read. 🙂

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Serbias soundtrack for a Mel Gibson film lacks Celtic charm but it does have an oboe

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I am so excited for my AK Bore Loree Oboe to come in!@Bandgeekproblem