11. July 2012 · 11 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m sorry I’ve not put much up here recently. Life is rather busy, for reasons I won’t go into here as sometimes I seem to cause more harm than good when I yak about my work and schedule. Meanwhile, if I find any videos that seem worthwhile I’ll at least try to get those up.

Truth be told, I’m contemplating saying goodbye to the oboe blog. I know, though, that that thought often passes after a few weeks, so I’ll give it time before I really come to that conclusion. If I’m still feeling this way come September it just might be time to close things down. Should I decide to depart I’ll probably move my Sunday music posts to the pattyo.

Of course I started this blog for my students and for anyone interested in the biz who wanted an inside look at the life. Is it worthwhile enough to continue? I really don’t know! Blogs do seem to have lifespans ….


  1. Patty, I enjoy your blog! I come to it every day. I am not a professional (though I one day did dream of it), and your blog is one of the ways that I stay connected to that oboe part of me. I don’t ever comment, but didn’t want this post go by without letting you know that someone out there in the blogosphere appreciates what you do!

  2. Thank you, Carmen.

    Writing about my jobs seems to be hurtful to others who don’t have the work, so I just wonder about blogging about it any more. I hate hurting feelings of others.

  3. Hi Patty! I also enjoy your blog very much and I visit it multiple times a day! I am an oboe student at SFSU and i love to read about what your doing because i hope to be doing it someday and i also i love that you are so close so i feel like your more relatable to me at least. I don’t typically comment either but please don’t go away! Your the only blog i know like this!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Patty, I just wanted to tell you that I have very much enjoyed reading your blog the past few years. It has been a good distraction from teaching when I was a band director, and I have continued to enjoy it while in grad school. I know the two other graduate students in the studio here are regular readers. We have all enjoyed what you have shared about your work as well as the other posts. I can understand not wanting to talk about work while others aren’t getting as much or any. I just wanted to let you know that following your blog as been very enjoyable and informative for me and to say thank you for all that you have shared!

  5. Many thanks to Marsha, Ashley and Carmen … it’s encouraging to know some out there are reading and enjoying this! I’ll attempt to continue. It’s tricky, trying to balance out things here … I don’t want to appear to be bragging and I think a few people feel that I am when I talk about work. Truth is, I’m not even at the top of any lists and getting my current job was a total shock. I still don’t know why I was hired … I hadn’t played for that company since 2005. Many of us had been replaced, or at least that’s how it appeared. Those that did the replacing are now hurting because they didn’t get this call and I’m sorry for them. (Just as, I hope, they were sorry for all of us!)

  6. Patty, I think your blog reflects perfectly the day to day life of a working musician. I’m sure there are times when others are working and you’re not, though you have (deservedly) risen to the top of the heap and probably work more than many who have paid less dues. I really doubt anyone who is realistic about this business is hurt by your success and, y’know, you don’t brag. On the contrary, your frequently expressed self doubts are probably comforting to others who aren’t as honest as you are about those middle-of-the-night thoughts.

    I would be really sad to see you leave this, but I know also that it represents a great deal of time and planning that could be maybe better spent with a camera. (Or a reed knife…)

    Just know that there are a lot of us who really enjoy your perspective on the business…

  7. Thanks, Bob. Truth is, I just hate it when I hear I’ve upset someone. Makes me sad. At the same time, I really do enjoy filling folks in on just what this crazy business is like! YOU sure know! 🙂

  8. I’ve only been playing the oboe for a year or so now, I just have to say that this blog occupies an important place in my new life as an oboist, I love it! It is so interesting, so generous, and inspiring.

    I guess as they say in French you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs 😉 You can’t please everyone all the time.

  9. Thanks so much, “New Oboist”! And welcome to the adventure that is oboe! I hope you’re enjoying it. Feel free to comment and/or fill me in on your “oboing” and all that jazz if you ever feel like it. 🙂

  10. patti with an i

    I know better than to post in my current state of mind. Will that stop me? It will not.

    There would not be a single blog in existence if everybody gave it up when somebody got their knickers in a twist. You don’t brag, ever. You don’t say anything negative about a colleague, ever. I’m not sure I can think of another written outlet that operates under standards as strict as yours.

    I’m sorry someone’s feelings are hurt, but catering to “you have something I feel entitled to” a) rarely works and b) feeds the sense of entitlement for the next round.

    I comment rarely, but I hope you don’t roll up the sidewalk here.

  11. Thanks, patti with an i. You know me … I just hate hurting feelings is all. But yeah, I need to just buck up and realize I’m not always going to make people happy.

    Rats. I like to make people happy!

    PS Sorry about your mood of the moment. Rough times? 🙁