13. August 2012 · 3 comments · Categories: Videos

If so, please enjoy this … I am doing so at this very moment!

L’Arpeggiata (Christina Pluhar): Ten Years

You all probably know I love a cappella music. You probably know I love sacred choral music too. But did you know this music here just makes me so happy to be alive? Because it really does.


  1. Well, once again you’ve turned me on to another great performer in my favorite period of music. And I like their subtle incursions into modern content. Great stuff. Thanks again!

  2. Finally had a chance to listen to the whole thing. A wonderful ensemble – amazing to find that much individual talent in one group! And the countertenor may be the best I’ve ever heard.

    Thanks again for turning me on to these folks, Patty!

  3. Happy to hear it, Bob! 🙂