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Psalm 6 from the Genevan Psalter 1554 / 1551
Now with Aldo Bova recorder (tenor) and variations by him.
In the setting by Claude Goudimel, 1564
Ernst Stolz: viol organ and recorder


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O Mystery Deep
Chœur féminin du monast’ere de Saint-Geghard

O mystery deep,
inscrutable, without beginning,
You? have decked your supernal realm
As a nuptial chamber to the light unapproachable
And adorned with splendid glory
the ranks of the fiery spirits.
Heavenly king,
Preserve your Church unshaken
And keep on peace
Those who worship your name.

(Many thanks to Dolf Rabus for supplying the text.)

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It’s one of those lazy, hazy, crazy-glue-your-english-horn days of summer

… and I’m sorry to say this, but no more FBQDs after today: the website I used that located these has been forced to be taken down by Facebook. Rats!

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Pretty sure a dying duck sounds better than a beginning oboe.#comebackinthreeyears #butseriously #gopracticesomewhereelse

Awww … sad. C’mon … patience, dear listener!

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just spent three hours practicing oboe and English horn for the symphony audition. I’m not sure I’ve ever practiced that much in a month before. Must be the audition nightmare I had last night….two more weeks until the audition!

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… but a TRUE dozen shows remaining.

This has been a challenging summer, to say the least, but I’m managing to muddle through, and once I’m into the fall this blog will resume full speed ahead, I hope. I do apologize for the lack of postings recently. Circumstances interfered. Go figure!

Meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy some orchids? (Taken at a farmers’ market on a walk between shows.)

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Oboe busker in the subway is playing 12 Days of Christmas. I don’t even.

(This was written on July 23.)

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I need a drummer, a percussionist, two guitar players, an accordion player, a trumpet & trombone, sure an oboe too, a mandolin player, a girl with a tambourine, a couple of big hats, some dark sunglasses, shirts optional, a few pairs of boots, and ill meet ya down at the river.

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I hate oboe reeds. #oboeprobs

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Horn players might want to check out the BBC2 broadcast tonight. It is a recording of Le Concert Spirituel playing Handel’s Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks on masses of period instruments. Some very exuberant playing. I heard the opening of the Minuet from the F major suite in the car, and the way they did it was so completely mad I really did burst out laughing. Slightly embarrassing, because I had the top down and was at a standstill in traffic at the time.

Oh, and practitioners of the trumpet, oboe and other inferior instruments might be interested too.
Here’s a taster.