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On July 29, 2012, my oboe (Fox Model 450, Serial Number 20094) got stolen from the back of a car in Saratoga Springs, New York where I had traveled to perform with a friend and his band. I’ve owned the oboe for 10 years and this past spring even had it completely overhauled for a factory refurbish. Essentially, it was a brand new oboe, yet one that I had a decade of experience and musical personality with.

Any information about its whereabouts may be shared with the Saratoga Springs Police Department at 518-584-1800, or any other local law enforcement agency.

Oh boy, would I love to just get back on with my life as usual. Seeing that back would make my… day, year, well… life, and give me confidence about humanity.

Until then, without knowing if it will ever return, whether my eyes will ever see it again, those same eyes shed tears still believing that they are watering the seeds of hope that may one day become the flower that is the universal goodness of people.

If my oboe is returned to me, I will let you know that the garden of my soul is lush again.

Until then….

I miss you, Fox 450, serial number 20094.


Never leave an instrument in a car unattended.
Insure your instrument for replacement value.

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