I will post without comment because I just have nothing to say at the moment.

My experience is that many English horn players believe it is easier to make mistakes, than to believe it is easier to play the right notes. What if these English horn players are wrong, even if the evidence says that they’re all correct?

What I mean by the evidence proving them right, is that most English horn players find making mistakes consistently easy, because they make mistakes easily.

Want more? Go here, although I hate advertising for someone. (Yeah, I’m silly that way.)

PS Um … anyone out there know of even ONE English horn prodigy? Hmm ….


  1. Does this guy know the difference between English horn and French horn? His article on French horn is the same almost word-for-word, but the word “English” has been replaced by “French” . . .

  2. Heh … I hadn’t bothered to look at anything else. I’d read other articles by him, though, and could see that he wasn’t going to appeal to many of us in the biz.