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I’ve not put anything up for this in eons …

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Playing classical music to dogs housed in kennels on either a temporary or permanent basis results in them spending more time sleeping, and less time vocalizing, report researchers.

Hmmm. Maybe the music is just boring them to sleep?


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I don’t comment on these things. I’ll leave that to you! 🙂

You can read about it here. (Warning: Language issues.)

Amazing what people will ask other musicians to do.

There are a number of works for oboe and choir. We seem to work well together. (At least in my little opinion.)

Here’s a sweet little piece I just landed on:

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The oboe solo in whatever movie they’re watching is awesome.#BandKidProbs

Let’s see … someone just died in the movie. Or broke up with a girlfriend/boyfriend. Or something else heart braking happened …?