There are a number of works for oboe and choir. We seem to work well together. (At least in my little opinion.)

Here’s a sweet little piece I just landed on:


  1. What fun. A Middle Eastern tango…

  2. Do you know the composer and publisher of this little selection (Buena Semana)? It’s charming!

  3. The info from the YouTube video is this:
    The Gary bertini Israeli Chamber choir – Conductor: Ronen borshevski
    Buena semana – from Ladino Song Cycle, arranged by Eyal Batt
    Oboe: Yoav Weiss | Piano: Oshri Segev
    Recorded at Sala Baldini, Rome. April 2012

    That’s all I know. Sorry. But yes, it is charming! 🙂