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Really?! Understanding the oboe? Is that at all possible? Hmmm. It’s definitely impossible to understand the oboist! Although “oboists are very special human beings”! (It’s on the video, so it must be true!)

This video is new to me, yet it was put out by the US Army Field Band on February 8, 2012. Shame on me for not catching it back then. If you have 55:47 minutes to spare you might want to watch it. (It’s obviously an old video, as they say the most expensive oboe is $5,000, and there are statements you and I might disagree with, but it’s still fun to watch!)

Just thoughts as I watch …

Little oops on the spelling of “embouchure” … oh well! (They spell it “embochure”.)

33:45 … VERY important! Band directors take note. 🙂

And what fun to see the strobe tuner. We had one when I was in high school and I’ve tried to explain it to my students. If I can get them to watch this they’ll finally understand what it is.

I’ve communicated with Kerry Willingham in the past, so it’s fun to see him in action here. (The kind of military action I really enjoy!)

Near the end of the video the college scholarship reason for taking oboe is in this. Is THAT why so many students think playing oboe equals a guaranteed scholarship?

… and no, I don’t practice standing up. In case you were wondering.

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