Asked online:

Do fish like the sound of oboe?
I am going to get fish soon, I play the oboe on band. I would want to practice in my room where my tank is but i don’t know if they like oboes or sounds. Please help!

… and yes, someone answered:

As long as you aren’t playing it right next to the tank and it isn’t a screeching sound they should be fine. I always play classical music and opera and it doesn’t seem to phase them.

I’ll just leave it at that.


  1. Aww, that’s so cute that the student would be so concerned about the fish 🙂 I wonder what oboe sounds like from underwater? Or to a fish?? Do fish have ears? Or do they sense sound waves differently? This question raises many issues!

  2. Check with Disney. I’m sure they did exhaustive research for Finding Nemo…

  3. But of course. Silly that I didn’t think of that, Bob.

  4. So how much do fish hear, I wonder, Gabrielle? Hmm.