… just read this.

Hmmm. I have to confess it made me cringe a bit. I hate stereotypes. I also hate suggesting one instrument is more difficult than another. I can’t say I’ve seen that brass players are more conservative either. But then I don’t discuss politics — or much of anything, really! — with my colleagues. And that viola thing? …

And it seems none more so than violists, who, historically, used to step down from the more difficult violin as they aged, switching to the lower-voiced instrument that supposedly required less proficiency.

Well, maybe patti with an i will jump in here about that.


  1. Or if Patti won’t maybe Janet Sims will. It’s fun (I guess) to poke our colleagues in the ribs, but it’s completely off limits to anybody who hasn’t paid enough dues to belong to the club!

  2. Did I see the Bat-signal? Yes, indeedy I did. Well, it must have been a slow news day down there. The “stepping down” from violin to viola does have some basis in historical fact, but it ceased to be true at all many generations ago. Comparing viola to violin is a little like the Fred Astaire – Ginger Rogers thing… we have to do pretty much everything they do, but on a bigger more unwieldy, less cooperative instrument, which is our version of “backwards and in high heels.”

    And with so many viola jokes to choose from, you’d think they could have picked some better ones!

  3. I was counting on you! Thanks for commenting patti with an i! 🙂