I was not named a MacArthur Fellow, but Chris Thile was:

So was Claire Chase (“My parents took me …”. Gotta love that!):

& bow maker Benoît Rolland:

I think I will win a MacArthur when they give them out for very silly whiners. I am the silliest whiny person, after all!


  1. Not a bad thing, Patty, as long as you choose your battles wisely. One of our wisest philosophers was a whiner from the get-go: Henry David Thoreau was thrown in the clink for it.

    “It’s fine to build castles in the air; just put foundations under them.”

    & the quote most meaningful in our technological age: “Simplify, simplify, simplify!!! Keep your accounts on your thumbnail.”

    On Walden Pond…I highly recommend it to you.



  2. Hmm. I just put superglue on MY thumbnail, John! 😉

    I really should read On Walden Pond

  3. … and I will, but first I’m slogging through a book by A. S. Byatt. (I’m a very slow reader these days … mostly because I waste my time on the computer, I’m sorry to say.) Thanks John!