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I admired her when she sang with Opera San José, and while I was sorry to see her leave, I knew it was because she was moving up very quickly.

To say that Talise Trevigne, the former cheerleader from Los Altos High School, is reaching the heights of the opera world is, well, an understatement. Starting Oct. 10, the soprano literally will fly as she sings, balanced on a wire 30 feet above the stage in San Francisco Opera’s production of “Moby-Dick.”
The acrobatics say something about where her career is headed: up.
“I pinch myself every morning,” says Trevigne, a former singer with Opera San Jose, whose career now takes her to some of the nation’s biggest stages. San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House is the most prestigious yet. And the aerial aria is one of athletic Trevigne’s main numbers in the role of Pip, the 14-year-old cabin boy, in the high-tech adaptation of Herman Melville’s novel of Captain Ahab and life on the whaling ship Pequod.


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