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Richard Woodhams talk about our impossible quest …

Can you hear the differences in the reeds? For me the huge issue is about how reeds feel. If it feels rotten, I will struggle horribly and I’ll be miserable.

Yeah, I go by feelings … whoa whoa whoa feelings ….

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If you click on google.com today you’ll see that Moby Dick is referenced. Why? To quote Wikipedia: “Moby-Dick has been classified as American Romanticism. It was first published by Richard Bentley in London on October 18, 1851, in an expurgated three-volume edition titled The Whale, and weeks later as a single volume, by New York City publisher Harper and Brothers as Moby-Dick; or, The Whale on November 14, 1851. The book initially received mixed reviews, but Moby-Dick is now considered part of the Western canon,[3] and at the center of the canon of American novels.”

So yes it was published on this day, back in 1851.

Tonight we go to see and hear Moby Dick.


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There is an oboe playing call me maybe on the today show. Day = made.