I really had an enjoyable time on the stage of the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts for our Symphony Silicon Valley concerts. I enjoyed the conductor, Wilson Hermanto, tremendously. I loved our soloist, Mayuko Kamio (huge WOW with her, really!). The review is good, too. How ’bout that?

It was fun to be back on the CPA stage. What memories. I first played there in 1975. Yes. Really. I played on that stage the whole while I was in the San Jose Symphony, and even after that when this new group began. The size of the hall is a bit too large and difficult to fill, in my little opinion, but it’s much easier to hear my colleagues on this stage, so it was great fun to be there.

I also liked the program. The overture to Poet & Peasant is just a bit ‘o fun fluff for the start (again, in my little opinion), the Lalo was impressive, due to our fantastic soloist, and the Dvorak was new to me so I had a good time learning it and performing it. Before I began learning it I didn’t know that the opening of the slow movement would begin with second oboe. All alone. Good old Dvorak! We often “get” to play very low pianissimo lines. We also get to play when the principal oboe isn’t playing. I appreciate that: to know that we are “trusted” to get to do something without our leader … it’s kind of nice! It’s also very rare.

Oh, and fyi: I nailed my four important solo notes. (Or at least I felt as if I did.)

Yes, I just wrote something positive about myself. Don’t worry, I won’t let it happen again. Or at least not often.

Next up: San Jose Chamber Orchestra and Tango Barroco by Michael Touchi!

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  1. Christy and I saw Sunday’s performance. I’ve never heard the band sound better! Obviously you could hear each other better than usual – the ensemble and balance were incredibly tight, and Mayuki Kamio was an unforgettable experience. Do you suppose she has done anything in her life except practice?

    Maybe a new shell in the California Theater would bring the level of playing there up to what you guys did Sunday – not that it’s not good there, just that you outdid yourselves Sunday…