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… this time with Philippe Jaroussky

Ciaccona di Paradiso e dell’Inferno

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Some time ago I was playing a job that had a number of performances, and there were a few conductors who came in and out. It was clear that some musicians disliked one. That happens sometimes. Sometimes it’s the conductor’s fault. Sometimes not. (Sometimes we instrumentalists can be a wee bit difficult, to be honest!)

But, with this particular job I was playing, one of the conductors really was less than stellar and was not easy to work with. That doesn’t mean, though, that we could play poorly.

That’s how it goes. We have to play well no matter what.

I was dismayed when a colleague warned me that his/herwork wouldn’t be quite as good when the difficult conductor was on the podium. Mostly what I heard was disdain for the conductor, a bit of hostility, and disregard for a paying audience who expect us to do our best no matter what.

I have to remind myself to never go there. I don’t want to become “that person”.

I am called to do the best I can do. No excuses.

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Horvath has a painful hearing condition that makes it impossible for her to play in large ensembles. She has been a leader in the area of musicians’ health, and wrote the book “Playing (Less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians.”

Horvath suffered a serious injury in her left ear in 2006, caused when sound from a stage monitor hit her during a pops concert. She took off for three months and isolated herself from sound. Eventually, she returned to the orchestra, wearing an earplug, but she was unable to perform in amplified concerts.


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Too lazy to practice oboe.. #notgood #bandgeekproblem