“busayo green” emailed me because she wants a teacher for her son/daughter:

How are you today?I got your contact email while searching for Music and dance teacher on the internet. I have a son (John) who is interested studying music. John doesn’t have any previous in the instrument but he is ready to learn. She’s 15 year old with very sharp brain. He will be coming down there to your location for the lessons. I want John to come over to your present location to attend the lessons before He will finally come to stay with me. If you will agreed to accept John as your student,please get back to me with the following information..

Total fees for one months lessons(Two hours lessons in a week)?

Your teaching location and phone number?

The instrument you teach?

I want the lessons to start by 5th of November.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Yeah. Right.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Ugh! It’s sad that music teachers are seen as potential $ for scammers. Some of my students almost fell for a scam similar to this one.

    Something that isn’t spam (but may be shameless promotion) is my blog: http://theoboist.blogspot.com/
    I will be adding a lot of pedagogical info for oboists over the course of the year while I’m on sabbatical from my university. I encourage you to check out site and hope you find it helpful to you or your students.
    Best wishes,


  2. Just saw this, Christa, as it went into the spam folder … I suspect due to the link you put up, which had an error in it. I’ve fixed it. 🙂