26. October 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

I love the oboe solo in Nightswimming by REM <3

So of course I had to go find this song I don’t know … or thought I didn’t know, since I do recognize it. (Maybe it was used on an advertisement? That’s how I learn about a lot of pop music, to be honest. Lame, I know.)

Oboe is around 3:14 if you want to go directly there ….


  1. You’ll notice the oboe solo occurs just as the swimsuit floats free in the water. Ah, that it were really that simple…

  2. Well now wait a minute, Bob! I thought that oboe was the best pick up instrument of all …?

    Oh. Wait. I guess that was guitar. Or drums. Or anything but oboe. 😉