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… but of course they had to refer to opera goers as “finely cultured”. Let’s keep those walls up, folks!

Conventions and local sports games are being canceled. People are calling in sick to work. Whole blocks of houses stop everything to party in the streets. Even the San Francisco Opera is discreetly showing the games in the lobby so the finely cultured can catch scores in between arias.
“We’ve had to make a little change, but that’s OK,” said Jon Finck, Opera communications director. “We usually don’t do something like this, but we’re tuning about half of our televisions to the games when we have performances – and we’re even looking into projecting the scores up over the stage at the end of the show.”
Being able to discern the quarter-note nuances of a sophisticated romantic opera like “Lohengrin” doesn’t mean you can’t also scream when the Panda smacks a homer, Finck said. Just don’t expect stadium grub.
“We don’t serve garlic fries here, but we do have a mean chicken salad and a great Chardonnay,” he said.


OH … and GO GIANTS!!!

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