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Psalm 16 from the Genevan Psalter
Ernst Stolz, instruments

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Psalm 16

G. VanDooren, 1961, rev.

Preserve me, God, I put my trust in Thee.
I say to Thee, ìThou art my faithful Savior;
Thou art my LORD, I need Thee constantly.
Apart from Thee I can expect no favor.
I love Thy saints, with them I am united,
And in their midst my soul will be delighted.

Those choosing other gods instead of Thee
Increase their sorrows, and their deeds will shame them.
Their blood libations I keep far from me
And I shall never lend my lips to name them.
The LORD is good; I shall forsake Him never;
He is my cup and portion now and ever.

My happy lot wilt Thou maintain, O LORD;
The lines have fallen in most pleasant places.
A goodly heritage didst Thou award;
In beauty it excels earthís choicest spaces.
Thy measuring-rod gave unto me for ever
A place from which no power can me sever.

I praise the LORD and bless Him all the day
For what He by His counsel has provided;
Eíen in the night my heart expounds the way
That I should go; thus I am safely guided.
I worship Him with joy and adoration;
None can deprive me of His preservation.

Therefore I now rejoice with heart and soul;
My flesh shall rest secure in Thy protection.
Thou wilt not leave me down in dark Sheol,
Nor let Thy Holy One there see corruption.
With Thee full joy and bliss are ever present;
The fullness of Thy right hand is most pleasant.

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