05. November 2012 · Comments Off on Oh Dear · Categories: Ramble

As my few readers know, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for quite some time. Today I was searching on “Descendi” to make sure I hadn’t already posted the video I just posted, and I landed on a post that really embarrassed me. Fortunately it was from quite some time ago (2008, in fact), but in it I was so darn arrogant I wanted to slap myself (I didn’t). I deleted the darn thing. But I know there are more out there like that. Back then I was still learning about the whole blogging thing, I guess. Heck, I’m still learning. But I hate it when I blog arrogantly. I hate it when I put someone else down. That is never my intention. When I post my TQODs I try to remember that. I don’t mean to put anyone down or mock anyone, although I realize it does come across that way sometimes. Some things just make me smile and I figure it might bring a smile to others as well. Sometimes it is something that puzzles me or troubles me. Perhaps I should leave those alone, but I have been thinking that it’s good for all of us to read them and be reminded of what might be best left unsaid (or untweeted).

I’m going to have to think on that a while, though. Maybe the TQODs should stop. I’ll ponder a while ….

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