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Dan and I went to see and hear Lohengrin at San Francisco Opera last night. I had never heard it before, and only knew the few excerpts I’d played in symphony here at home. I enjoyed it. (As readers know I don’t do reviews here and I don’t go negative at all. Well, okay, most of the time I don’t go negative anyway.) I thought Brandon Jovanovich was great. I did puzzle over some staging directions, but whatever. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen anyway.

I also had to look up the composition dates of Swan Lake and Lohengrin the next day, after which I wondered if Tchaikovsky chose a particular theme deliberately … anyone know? It’s so close ….

Anyway, after the opera was over I looked at Dan and sang “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?”

He thanked me for the ear worm.

Or not.

(If you know the opera you get the joke. If not, oh well!)

Bravi tutti to the orchestra and chorus, as is pretty typical! Gotta love those folks!

We have only one more San Francisco Opera performance (Tosca) before they hand the hall over to the ballet. Then we have to wait some months before returning. Meanwhile it appears, via Lisa Hirsch’s blog that they will be announcing next season rather soon. I was invited to attend this a few years back but I think I’ve been dumped. I’m trying not to take it personally.

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Saying goodbye to the oboe I’ve had for 7 years. Bittersweet. Bye dead man’s haunted musical instrument. You’ve served me well.

… speaking of which, I have an older Rigotaut here that I’m selling for a friend. Anyone?