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A lovely story …

Sunday is Veterans Day, a time to thank vets for their service to our country. Ninety-two-year-old Remo del Tredici has taken that gratitude one step further, donating his hand-carved violins to veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I read it here.

The Making of a Violin (A Veterans Day Story) from The Kitchen Sisters on Vimeo.

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The other day I read some comments written on a social networking site. A music instructor said she hated (yes, she really did use that word) a student in her class. Later she wrote about being drunk while correcting papers.

C’mon folks. Be smart about what you write. Pretty please? I hate being saddened by things I read on these sites. Sometimes I think I should leave them.

I love this idea, although I would certainly have questions as well. But I think this is the future. I just wish I’d still be around when the orchestras I’m in move to something like this. I’m guessing I’ll be retired or dead by then! Ah well ….

Read about it here.

Hey, Apple, I have an iPad. How ’bout figuring something like this out with those devices? You’re local. You could work with Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley. You could announce it at the beautiful California Theatre since I suspect you like the place.

Just a suggestion! 🙂

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Today I nearly died trying to blow into an oboe and I think I broke a Steinway piano.